Travelling to Vuokkiniemi



How to get into Vuokkiniemi?

  • From St. Petersburg, Moscow or Petrozavodsk you can travel to Kostamuksha by train. You can look timetables from and buy tickets online also. Trains travel to Kostamuksha almost everyday. Look  also
  • From Kostamus you can take a taxi to Vuokkiniemi. Taxi is not expensive at Russia.
  • From Kostamus you can take a buss to Vuokkiniemi. Busses leaves: On Monday and Wednesday at 8.30 am, 17.00 pm,  on Friday at 17.00 and on Sunday at 14.00.  Timetables are here in russian language. Route 106 (МАРШРУТ № 106)
  • Buss station in Kostamus is at address; Octoberstreet 3, house 5 (улица Октябрьская, дом 3 под.5)
  • You can also look busses and travels from Finland to Vuokkiniemi from this page
  • Also Ms Julia Filippova can drive small groups from Kajaani Finland to Vuokkiniemi and back. Also she can pick you up from Kostamuksha. Look information lower House Vuara.
  • One possibility is to drive there by your own car. You need to have insurance for a car and fill the forms of car customs clearance.

Accommodation providers in Vuokkiniemi

All speak Finnish/Karelian and also Tanja Remsu speak english – the best, fastest, and most preferably to reach them via SMS. All numbers are mobile phone numbers. The accommodation includes food (3 meals), bath (karelian sauna), linen and overnight. Accomodation prizes are inbetween from 35 to 40 € (full maintenance). Host list is updated on 10th Jan 2017

  • You can also camp in your own tents, some accommodation providers have good places for that
  • You can also camp in your own recreational vehicle, ask from accommodation providers or from Village house this possibility too. email to Villagehouse is

House Vuara

Julia Filippova tel +7 921 452 94 50 E-mail: (Vuara House). The house can accommodate up to 10 people. The house has 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and an indoor toilet. Possibility of accommodate also in a tent, in a quiet courtyard – approx. 1 km from the village center. Beach approx. 200 m, campers also can use a gas stove and an outdoor sauna. Pictures from Vuara is here.

  • Julia can drive small groups of 3-4 person from Kajaani to Vuokkiniemi and back to Kajaani in additional cost.
  • Also accommodation house in Ponkalahti (approx 12 km from Vuokkiniemi) – used at June-July.

House Ranta
Maria Filippova tel: +7 921 461 85 63 (Beach House). The house is located 100 m Vuokkiniemi shop in center village.


  • Olga Remsu tel. +7 921 523 66 00
  • Tanja Remsu tel. +7 921 468 99 94 (Also speaks english)
  • Antonina Karlova tel: +7 921 728 45 18
  • Galina Vatanen Tel: + 7 921 467 46 65 (operates in the Finnish language teacher, so to accommodate from May to September) E-mail: Galina’s house is about 1 km from village center.
  • Roza Remsu contact her through her daughter Elena, who lives in Finland. Finnish mobile phone number is +358 456 316 052. Accommodation house is 3 rooms for 10 persons maximum. The house is located approx. 500 m from the center of the village and it is near Lake Kuitti.

More will updated into this page as soon as we get information from the hostesses.


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